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This site will introduce you to the free online self coaching program titled the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan.
This step by step plan will show you how to make important positive changes to your lifestyle. It will not tell you which goals you should select for personal growth but it will show you a detailed method which you can use to help you achieve the goals that are important to YOU.
The Phoenix Plan is completely free to use and you will never be required to divulge any personal details or persuaded to make any purchases.
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Most people, at some stage in their adult lives, come to the conviction that it is in their long term interest to make some positive changes to their lifestyles. Considered changes may be related to a host of areas of living: for example, improving body image, weight loss, career choice, exercising more, creating better life balance, changing personal relationships, taking up a new course of study, seeking a new residential location, taking up meditation.
In nearly all of the above and similar situations, the person reaching the decision to work for change believes that if the chosen goal for change is achieved, then their lifestyle will improve with a resulting increase in personal happiness and fulfilment. This belief generally increases motivation to get started on the self-change project. Sadly, however, a large proportion of those who make these resolutions for self-improvement end up abandoning their efforts within a matter of weeks. This is often because they lack the skill of choosing appropriate goals or are unsure of the best way of working to implement the new lifestyle changes that they consider important.
This site has been created to help anyone interested in making positive lifestyle changes. Its sets out an approach for selecting appropriate personal growth goals and for setting up a plan for achieving them within a selected timeframe. It provides helpful documentation for setting out goals and for recording progress. Above all, it totally free to use. To find out more about the program, click on the link below:
Life is more fulfilling and less stressful when you make it closer to how you want it to be..

It is worth your while to plan the goals and take the steps necessary to get you to where you want to be.

This site can show you the way to change your lifestyle for the better.