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Change Your Life In Ten Weeks [Second Ed. 2014] is a free step-by-step introduction and workbook to help you change your life for the better. It introduces the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan which requires you to carry out a current lifestyle evaluation and then draw up a set of personally chosen self-improvement goals aimed at transforming your lifestyle in the way YOU want.
Once your goals are chosen and broken down into weekly targets, you work on implementing your Plan for a timeframe you choose, usually up to eight weeks.
The ebook is linked to a dedicated web site which provides the reader with additional self-development resources and support. Documentation is included to make easy the tasks of recording goals and targets and to monitor your weekly progress. No purchases necessary.
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This download is an ebook copy [PDF format] of the recently published [2014] second edition of Change Your Life In Ten Weeks. The ebook has 200 pages. The first two sections set out all about the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan while the third section contains thought provoking short chapters on key self-change topics: Happiness, Stress, Your Thinking, Communication, Self-Acceptance, Gratitude, and Life Balance. Part Four of the ebook provides ample documentation for working through the Phoenix Plan together with a Further Reading Resource List and related Web Site Links.
This book was written on a not-for-profit basis, to provide help to those who want to improve their personal lives. If you find it helpful, I would appreciate it if you would place a positive comment on the download site or mention it on your social media page. This is the only way I can know that the book was of benefit to you. If you wish to ask me any questions about the book, you are most welcome to contact me at my email address [ambrosehardy@yahoo.co.uk] and I will personally answer any query.
Good luck in your efforts to improve the quality of your present lifestyle.
If you have lost your sense of direction in life and you are feeling confused and uncertain about the future, the Phoenix Self Help Life Plan is just the tool you need to help you get stabilised.
You will be given step by step help to evaluate your present distressed lifestyle, to work out the goals that are meaningful for your self-improvement and to construct a new and better way of living.
Using the Plan, you can achieve all of this in eight to ten weeks.